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Thursday, September 30, 2010

well, recently ive finished diploma and was supposingly planning to stop studying and finding a job right after it. i got pursuaded to continue studying, at least gettin a degree, so that i would get a better future ahead. recently, i accepted the offer to Australia in order to finish my degree. why i choose aus? coz its a 1 year degree course, unlike the one in msia which is 2 years.

To tell you the truth, ive been kinda blur when i came here. What to eat, where to go, where would i stay,etc.. Well thanks to pei yee, my idp at inti, she hooked me up with unilodge. And also a big tq to TJ for showin me around melbourne. Its an awesome place!!

I would say, a bigger TQ to my parents for funding my studies here. Where would i go without them..

Currently im stayin with Lance, my housemate, which i really respect, due to the admiration he gets from his friends. He took me into his group and we've been friends ever since. He has showed me around glenferrie and i have learnt lots of things from him.

Well its getting kinda late, im gonna walk to class now and attend my web programming class.

Till then, farewell from aus :)

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
9/30/2010 08:08:00 AM


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