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Monday, October 27, 2008

I wont be updating blog for these few weeks...my exams are coming so i have to study..=P

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
10/27/2008 08:18:00 PM

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yesterday my cousin got married!yes she did!:P
The wedding was held at cheras hotel...!
Pics of the wedding are down below:P

Random pics
Scenery at cheras hotel!nice place btw!The couple after cutting cake..not clear= ="They even hired Ai Fm announcers and some popular singers!Wedding starts with a nice small cake!:P

Food of the day...! i didnt took all of the pics..got lazy after taking the 5th one=/Four season happiness!Shark fin soup!Two types of chicken!(Sotong crunchy honey and roasted)Steamed fish^^Prawn with corn and peanut:D

Video's of the night^^

Champagne pouring!

Yum-seng session!

Potraited pictures

Finally, i would like to wish my cousin my heartiest congratulation for her marriage!I know that you and your husband will be together forever and i pray the best for you!=)Pic of my cousin and her husband=)

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
10/20/2008 04:47:00 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today was a rainy/stormy day! and b4 it happened...this was it...Class postponed! dAMN@!@#$#$#@

And on the way back it was raining cats and dogs=Sand as you can see alot of cars we're putting double signal..duno for wad...
The rain was kinda heavy too!LOL


so basically today was a bad rainy day!

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
10/15/2008 10:07:00 PM

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I finally decided to update my blog after much procrastination ...LOL=s
First of all sorry coz ive been kinda bz lately...assignment piling up and tests here and there...well let me start blogging agn...

Firstly is that, i noticed the people in my class spends alot of money in bread sold by baker's cottage...yes...as u can see from the pic below, they eat loads of bread and 1 time in there would be like 5-10 bucks...so u can imagine monday till friday...50 bucks..wasted on bread...ouch!
2nd is that...on the way back at meru...we saw this few school kids(indian as we call it kelingkia:P) climbing on trees...imagine those days when we did that makes me wanna go back to school....haha!3rdly i know that these tolls having those metal pole isnt actually made out of metal!!its made out of sponge...lol...coz loong and I was going back and the toll wasnt working i guess, so we banged against the pole to find out it doesnt make that KLANG sound...instead it was the bump sound...so it was kinda obvious...I noticed loong's n82 dropping on the floor...if drop is putting it on the floor HAHA
This pic was for Lawrence on the trip i went to Pj to meet him..It was his favourite line when i was in foundationBCS which means BAT CUM SPRAY and he would do his hand in a moving position...YEA i remember the days....and also the pork mee there was still amazing...cant be compared to any that i have tasted!:D
Finally would be today that i pissed off some stupid people in the truck...u noe how those impatient people that dont eat pigs can be....THEY GOT NO BRAIN FOOD YO!...so tat arSeH0L3 honked at us from his truck and showed us the middle finger...LOL so what man..its juz a middle finger...btw he is even cheap i guess, aint wearing black specs and dont have his own car:P all he got was his company TRUCK...LOL..

And in one day it would be Dada's bday...haha wish her a happy happy happy happy bday!:D:D

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
10/14/2008 07:47:00 PM

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Err..kinda lazy to update blog..basically this is what i did...
Pass up assignment....

Went to Pj to meet Lawrence, on the way, i met yi gang and Peat...We played dota for 1 round den lawrence say he tired...so we play FOC...3v1...ZZZ...i win...LOL

Sunday:Played melee game on warcraft, go gym...now im here...talking to myself...LALALA....

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
10/12/2008 09:19:00 PM

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today i had a presentation in class...on my hometown...yeap..i criticized my hometown badly and managed to make few laughter in the class...85 out of 100...not bad...thru my traning and thanks to Lawrence for few extra tips which got my presentation a whooping 85...

Today we had some set downs...we reached class at 4.30 if im not wrong and not everybody presented their presentation yet...I learnt today the use of the double signal...it warns people to like get out of the way...we rushed the way back to klang from subang because loong forget to bring his materials. And on the way to subang on the second time we rushed to a whooping 140 or was it 160...haha...it was raining cats and dogs...luckily when we reached our college, it stopped raining....thank god...Everything went smoothly...And i guess im going to sleep soon...kinda sleepy...i gotta edit my assignment...(not mine, my partners english wreaks...SERIOUSLY!)And lastly this is me in formal...U dont get to see me wearing formal everyday alright:P

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
10/08/2008 11:05:00 PM

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tomorrow will be my mum's bday and we celebrated it earlier coz tomorrow me and bro would be kinda bz with all the college stuff...yea...After a dinner at Bistro DeliFrance, we had the bday cake for her^^
Food in delifrance was not bad btw!:D
The bday cake...blue berry!:DMum and dadMum making wish...Blowing candles...Pic with mum, me and bro...yea my new hair looks funny!= ="

Thats about it and once again....


Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
10/05/2008 11:11:00 PM

Thursday, October 2, 2008

These are some pics taken from my bro'z bday...check out more in his web haha=p lazy to update lol..and i havent finish my assignment...AHHHHHHHH!!STRESS~

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
10/02/2008 07:33:00 PM


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