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Monday, March 29, 2010

Today was a big achievement for me, much things done, much to be said. 1st of all i woke up 4am today, feeling inspired, from the failure of the day before. Couldn't sleep well due to that certain problem, mainly project stress.

And i find the creator of programming language, such as VB.net and more to be kinda ..dumb... Whenever there's an error, the error notice will pop-out, ok thats fine, but the prob is, u wont understand the damn error, such as the 1 i had problem with, InvalidException, wth is this... So i went around asking forumers on a solution and finally found 1. It was actually some symbol being repeated in two different places.

How nice if, imagine they just said, You have repeated this thing, at this point, Please change the symbol. It would make the programming life, way easier. Imagine that, programming would be the easiest language to learn and master. Well, i guess this is how he gets his cash from knowing he's one of the billionaire around the world..

Yeah, found this pic on the net , he does hate children, that's why he forces us, CHILDREN, to learn his so called hard programming and we get courses like computer science, and this that. I NEVER LIKED U MR BILLIONAIRE. ;)

Well, whats more, the shopping cart which i was developing last night, oops i mean morning, actually paid off. Find out about the variables, this that, and finally found the main source of problem which was causing that error.

So since today was a good day, the group for msia study was actually ready to present the work that we have done. Another good thing happened, we were delayed, by a week, once again due to too many groups around. Well, i find some of the girls in the class to like uhh, stagger when they talk, as if their ENGLAND was very good. But yet, there were some which was good.. so yeah ;))

After that, we went to pizza's for lunch. Here are some pics for the moment. We even talked there for a whole whopping 3 hours, about my vacation, last time and recently. Lots of place i went, lots of experiences.
Mushroom soup+ pepsi, yeah...i had 2 person's meal..I was hungry alright?!
Weng seng's garlic breadsticks, i tot it used to be cheese...so idk ;)
My garlic butter bread, best as usual ;)Weng seng's mega hut platter! awesome meal ;)Mr Kei with his orange juice!Sweet and Sticky ! :PWeng seng enjoying garlic butter breadstick ;)Weng seng's pizza, garlic butter chicken, awesome look!My pizza, ayam masak merah pizza, tot it would suck , but it didnt, awesome spicy taste!The triple chicken, wasnt as awesome as the ayam masak merah though!

So, we went to A block after that, to find a classroom to do our work...It was all filled with students..great..lol... Went to the new block, did some work but the internet there was super, duper..slow...only able to load facebook and uhh...other pages cant be loaded... Weng Seng even joked , that the colleges encourage students to use facebook instead of surfin other sites. LOL

So thats about it, last thing is that, i finally got contact with my old foundation lecturer, mr Derek! he taught me c language and yes, i still can remember the fun which i was in the class. The best classes were taught by him and he was my fav lecturer! good to know he's still ard malaysia. :P

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
3/29/2010 09:47:00 PM

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Woot, 1 week's has passed and uhh..what have you done.. Yes i have been doing much on project, this that, bla bla, website thingy .. Lol..been bored much lately, so i have been venturing around facebook, Uninstalled Granado to concentrate on project. Much distraction from that game and without it, i can do more stuff... Well i still think its too late, since there is about 2 weeks left b4 my project is dued...

Nothing much lately, jus tryin to settle my work on shoppin cart for the whole day, tryin hard, finished the coding and ended up there was a problem. Some weird error of casting which i dont understand at all... What a waste of effort >< .. Well hopefully some people from the CodeProjects (Thanks to lawrence) from the web would help me out with my prob...

Been playin a lil Heroes of newerth, but to find out that there's going to be open beta on 30th of March.. Wth.. ;( So that's that, been talking much with some college buddies and also not forgetting Eric, He's been onto lots of prob lately... Same as me, with the backstabbing probs from a person who i dont wanna mention, Jus in case he reads off my blog and ignores it. Other than that, its been sleeping , work, a lil play, which i should have done few weeks ago..

I just hope i can finish my project by next week or so. Getting all these problems in the last minute is a total disaster and every second is so precious to me now... I would like to have more time if it was possible..

Had a weird dream waking up today..Dreamt went to one of my fren's hse and then met her stepmom. Was jus talking around and then sudd my handphone battery went dead... So i went looking for a charger ended up my mom has it.. lol=o... I woke up but to find out my battery was dead.. lol what a coincidence.

1 More thing is that, i had checked upon my project things and exam dates... It looks like im gonna be in a bigger problem, since the due is on 9th of april and the both of my exams is on the next day, afternoon and evening... IDK how im gonna study... ;S!

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
3/28/2010 09:34:00 PM

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finally, its been long since i updated this blog...mainly been busy, not working/studying..but on gaming...been playing lots of granado espada/fb games, this that.. Yea im delaying my project recently..i havent been doing much, guess i wanna rant here to like, get myself determined onto doing work, rather than playing..i know there's only like 2 weeks left, PLUS i have classes on weekdays, come back, stress, resorting to granado espada..damn i should plan my timing now.. Well i finally completed my banner for my website...was planning to settle my buttons if possible by today..

Before Rank veteran-lv 100
After lv 100- equipment with more shine..

I know i said i didnt want this to be my main team in facebook, but it seems that it might be my main team after all.

And its been long since i took group pics with other people char, this is HJ's pic with me ;) awesome combo

I jus remembered and it was the activity planned from thursday till saturday. On thursday, we went to Shanmuga, the popular mamak in klang, had a few bites with my bro and Eric. On the record, not that im saying it, its just that, everytime we go there, there would be fireworks litted up. idk how it happens.lol
Eric's meal, tandoori Chicken with nasi lemak+ my horlicks ice.

Yea, we were talking something about drinks we havent order before and we tried to order something different, the mamak said there was horlicks, so we tried it, was an awesome drink, think i might start ordering it now. I had 2 nasi lemak, fried chicken, nestlo ais, horlicks ais and ais kosong, bill RM11.Worth it, definitely. My bro tried the roti salad, it wasnt that nice, lots of mayo...lol. Indomee here was served like 20 seconds after ordered, lol. Overall good meals here.

On friday, we had a late supper, at McD, had a big mac set+ spicy ayam goreng mcd. While having our meal, keat yeong called us and we had a lil chit chat on this and that. Its been very long since we last saw him ;o

Saturday was full of boredom, i was practically half dead...lol..at night, we went to 3 musketeers for a round of game of dota, used tinker, with orchid, heart and bot, yea totally farmed ;) well didnt had a meal coz ....... kpeekaybee-ed so went back for an early sleep.

Well i guess thats about it, signing off!gonna start off with those buttons and functions!;)

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
3/21/2010 01:37:00 PM


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