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Friday, November 30, 2007

Recently i went for an award ceremony and it was for my SPM results...LOL...was that way long ago..LOL....Anyway there were many participants from young as standard one to colleges student whom took the award... It was an overall good experience... We has the dinner at Hin Hua Private school... IT was in front of my old school...LOL =x

I didnt expected the dinner to be there as it was a school...The food was provided by taman Rasthna.. A nice restaurant i used to go last time....The parking lots....
The school logo...Looks more like a hotel aint it??
The amount of people...There was more..
The crowd cheering for the people in stage..!!
The peoples....so many people here!!

Anyway it was a sit down dinner...they had 9 courses....
We started with the
1. 5 Seasons dish
2. Sharks fin
3. Yam and Meat cooked with black sauce
4. Roasted salted chicken
5. Steam fish with garlic and ginger sauce
6. Mix Vege
7. I forgot...
8. Yam rice
9. Explained below

I went back on the 8th dish as there would be a crowd if i went back last...so i missed the last dish.. It would probably be sweet stuff....awww=(
The parents had to pay RM25 for the meal...Achievers get to eat them for free:D

I also received a RM100 for the achievement of 5'As in my SPM....and also a certificate which i do not understand because...
Its all in chinese!!= =!

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/30/2007 04:28:00 PM

Finally i completed my business assignment... Well its a whole load of tough work and yes...the class makes me annoyed to my head spins around.. I can tell u that...the lecturer teaching me business is currently a dam FcKiN' B!tCh! Ive got several problems with her..

Firstly it was me and Jeevan reading newspaper in the class.. Yes thats wrong..so its alright...
Secondly it was the playing of cell phones in class...Yep..this is wrong too..
Thirdly it was the turning on of the laptop in class...
-This isn't wrong as i was checking the lecture notes and she wasn't using the projector in front.
-She goes berserk and start saying things like Im the boss of the class...
=>Got scolded for a bad reason
Fourth would be the time i entered class today. I went out to get my assignment stapled. Is this so wrong to get my assignment stapled?
-She goes berserk.scolding me shouting to the class saying that U think ur class ah?! u tink business can go out go in 1 ah?fck...u tink i duno meh...cb...alright..thats forgotten..
Fifth was after when i passed the tutorial to her. ME and jeevan was there. She starts saying that if u answer like this, i would fail la...sarcastically and loudly to the class.. Its a sign aint it? U want me to fail ah u fcking bitch??Stop talking nonsense in class when u teach!!

Bullshit things that she says in class??
1. Mercedes aeroback. Her cousin owns one...yah rite?! Show me the proof then!
2. She was from inti. Gonna change college after teaching this sem coz she wanna continue to study and the college does not recommend it. What bullshit!
3.Many more..dam lazy to write.

It seems that im the anger magnet to her...everytime she sees me or Jeevan, She would scold and go berserk...Wtf...

I hope she changes college soon or dont work or teach another student anymore...she goes around with her damn ego showing it off. Oh yea and did i mention?she studied in Aussie... Yah rite?! If u studied in Aussie u can get a way better job than a lecturer!! Or at least go into a better college than mine!!

Yes she is the BBL v2... for all those than dont know what it means... Its Big Boobs Lady... My UTAR buddies of TD3 knows that. It was our english lecturer of sem 2 if i was not wrong... Well to all those UTAR buddies... I wish i could show u BBL v2 face... but not here though...
Personalities of BBL v2 matches BBL but its just that BBL v2 is more annoying and talks way more crap than BBL...

In lecture... A normal topic...she has to crap from the business factors to how she studied in England and stuff..OMG...next time we should make a damn new show about her.. The BBL v2 And her Runts!! I'm sure it would be a blast...

Crapping is her damn life. It seems that when she comes into class, she would start to jabber and jabber and jabber..It makes Alan goes to sleep and me too...What a damn boring class... She also got her eyes on me... I've got scolded for 5 Times and i Dont FcKing Care alright!! Its even worst than grandma grandpa story...!!


Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/30/2007 04:11:00 PM

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yesterday, i went for lunch with my friends..there were like about..15 of us...if im not wrong... as u know...we like last minute deciding...so in the end, me, Jeevan, Boon Thong, Weng Loong and Mavinesh ended up going to Pizza hut..as me and Weng Loong decided to go there on the day b4...the others went to the nearby kopitiam...if im not wrong...on the way there..mavinesh kept urging us to go to eat at the duck rice= =!we still ate at pizza ht after that as we havent had that for very long.we ordered 3 sets of set D if im not wrong. 2 pizzas(personal) and also 2 mushroom soup, 2 pepsi and a garlic bread...i wanted to share the set of a double pizza...but i ended up buying both, thinking that i would not be full after a pizza.. and yes..i was very satisfied with the meal of 2 pizzas, 2 drinks,2 mushroom soup,and also a whole loaf of garlic bread.

My pizza and Jeevan's pizza...
Jeevan wid his...pizza..he had to show off wid the cheesy-ness!!
Weng Loong and my pizza...i got 2 mar..LOL
Boon Thong wid his pizza and also, Mavinesh hand and his pizza...xD

Anyway after we ate..we were talking about the tobasco sauce which was on the table...haha...Boon Thong even challenged me to drink the extremely superb hot sauce..aiks.. i tried a spoon..it was ok..he challenged me to drink the whole bottle...haha... I aint that mad and got a rep haha!!

After that we had ice cream at McD..McFlurry for me and Boon Thong, Sunday for Jeevan and Mavinesh and Flavor top for Weng Loong....After that, we headed back but we didnt go for the business class...lazy lar...haha:P

Today...we went to KFC...a last minute plan again...3 people only...me, Loong, and Boon Thong...haha...Weng Loong ate the half half meltz...and i tried the Rice set...Wow...considering they changed the mashed potato with rice, its kinda worth it as they had the same price, when i compared both of the set... Boon Thong also had the KFC half half meltz...LOL.... They both had USB speakers hahaha...

Tomorrow...possible to be having the Duck rice...i think...the shop...haha....

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/22/2007 08:35:00 PM

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Recently, I just asked one of my college mate for a little help, such as a friend who helps another in need...Well, through my surprise, he didnt lent even a helping hand to me. Instead, he just ignored me and rejecting his help. Damn it.. I felt like slapping his damn face after i got his comment, thinking back on all the times I helped him and go to places to help him find a new laptop and stuff... this is how he treats me now... Man it gives you a feeling to slap the damn hell out of him. Now, i have started to avoid him,after he shows his true colors, a selfish bastard who find his friends whenever he is in need, but refuses to help his friend whenever they are in need. Man, I wonder to myself, would these people be successful in life...And yes, it has come to a matter that I would hope that they DIE! DIE CRUELLY U DAMN BASTARDS! Glad that that's out of my system...

My parents just got a new car,the new Toyota Vios...haha...a nice car... so my parents old car is at my grandma hse...

I have 2 assignments recently, both for intro to business... A individual and a group assignment...will be starting to do it soon...

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/20/2007 09:19:00 PM

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recently my friend, Lawrence had juz met an accident which caused him to wear a cast..U might ask,how did it happened, and Im here to explain...First of all, he was rushing this assignment for other people...So he wanted to pass the assignment to his friends. From his way of view, he told me that if he took a bus to the uni, it would be too slow, so he took his skates and rushed to the uni. On the way there, there was a car. He knew if he didnt avoid it, he would have been banged... So, he tried to evade the car,which caused him to slip and fall...After that, i didnt knew how he get to the hospital and stuff, but i was surely pissed off with his attitude on helping people on assignments as lending a helping hand does not mean to finish the whole assignment for the group...Instead he finishes the whole assignment for them... Law next time...please listen to me...

I went to a dinner last night, a wedding near my place, it was like can be said as a house gathering. An indian wedding basically. With the food,yummy...hehe...but i only took 1 round...hahas...feared to be shy as there were very few people around and its noticeable if a took a second round..hahas...

Anyway hope all the best to Lawrence and also STPM takers!! Tomorrow is STPM and yes...good luck to all those taking it^^

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/18/2007 10:25:00 AM

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well today i went for lunch wid my frenz...Jeevan and Weng Loong...Alan wasnt here coz he went to genting...Today we had KFC and we tried the new half half meltz...it was like 10 something for the set and 5.90 for ala carte...wasnt as good as expected...it was like roti naan wrapped with chicken and nachos...and it wasnt that big...Jeevan had a mini USB speaker from the set meal and it was alright, considering Weng Loong laptop speaker was broken... It says on the main screen that, get five for "extreme" volume...LOL...such an expensive meal for juz a USB speaker...

After that we went to college to watch some movies and Weng Loong bought a new printer...RM169 with a petrol voucher...RM50...at tesco. If compared to the one in KP(Klang Parade) the owner just discounted the current price(RM169) for a lesser RM160...It was more worth it comparing prices with other shopping complexes...

Anyway thx for the compliment, E-jinn..hahas...I dont wear black when i go to college but i wear it when i go out...hehe:P

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/15/2007 08:54:00 PM

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Basically its a new sem for me and yes...nearly all of my classes start at nine...although i only have like 2 subjects, the amount of classes is doubled and 4 out of 5 days, my classes start at nine..tiring!! Im lucky that my ICA teacher decided to start the class later...around 9.30..which gives me some extra time to rest...but...i still have to follow my dad so ill be awake around 7.30...argh~!

Even on my 1st week, I felt so tired...will take a nap in the afternoon, around 2~6 if im not wrong and yes...that is how tired i am....I hope the coordinator changes the timetable... If not..ill be like suffering for 1 whole short sem...

Another thing is that, my classes go on for long periods...such as on Mondays,Thursdays and also Fridays... On Mondays, i have like a class from 9~12.30...early morning tiredness...on Thursdays, i only have 2 classes taught by the same lecturer but it goes on from 3.30~6... And on Fridays, 9~1...2 different classes but no breaks in between... I think that the coordinator should be more organized in organizing a timetable...Longer classes gives us boredom which results the students on being tired and stuff...

Have been playing games recently...using gg-client...its a client which lets people LAN their game online...such as a network...In my opinion, its way better than Blueserver as it does not lag or has delay. But every good side has it disadvantages too...the amount of leavers are uncountable as they leave as they want...Although a host can ban the ip, there are numerous leavers as the ban rule is not implemented...so,

Advantages:Lesser leavers(Leavers get banned if reported)
Disadvantages:Delays and also laggy gaming experience

Advantages:No delays or lags..good gaming experience
Disadvantages:Many leavers, may leave anytime as they please.

So i still choose to play gg-client as it gives me a better gaming experience..although there are games which has leavers, i still continue playing as it has no lags/delays if compared to blueserver....

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/11/2007 12:16:00 PM

Monday, November 5, 2007

My holidays were great...playing...staying over on friend's house...(thx Law:D) and also watching anime...I downloaded so many and didnt have time to watch them...= = anyway i got my new phone...after my phone got pickpocketed that day...some malays rushed into the bus and yes...they did get my phone= =! i was like...alrite...time to get a new phone.. LOL .. anyway...got a Sony ericsson k320i...the phone is alright...as the price was on my budget and it was the best it had to offer..

My results you may ask?... better than what i did expected.... SAD had a B... CS,B- accounts B+... and english= =! C+...I was like...OMG...it was the first time I had a C for English...=/ anyway..the other subs were great and well...my cgpa?? a 2.83...average results...

For this sem... I have like only 2 subs...as it is a short sem.. Intro to computer and application and also intro to business... Hopefully I would score on both to get a better cgpa...Hopefully...

Anyway my sem have already started...and... working hard..hehe^^ all the best to my buds who are having spm this year and...those in colleges and uni with their finals....Hopefully you all will score high high..not forgetting those in STPM too...haha^^

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/05/2007 08:52:00 PM


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