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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today im gonna write about the problems/troubleshooting you will face...lets start..

You cant join your friend's game with the "You are required to login to Steam to do that" message.
Solution: it is either both of you dont have the same version patch, or the ip given is a Steam ip.

Left 4 dead has many updates and i don't know which 1 to get cause i want to join my friends!
Solution:Ask them what version are they on, but most players are on v currently, so get your files updated so that you can join people's game.

-Tip:to check your version, type version in your console.

Whats with the lag in game?! I cant even play properly!HELP!
Solution:1st of all, check where is the host from and make sure that you are from the same country as the host,2nd, tunnel the host at least once to get a ping, if there is still lag, use anti-spike to the strongest.This should settle the lag matters.

Opening programs which consume internet speed while playing such as Msn, Skype, downloads and much more are recommended to be turned off to get a lag free gaming experience.

Why when i run the program it gives an error?
Solution:Your game exe file is at the wrong location, for this it would be left4dead.exe. Make sure you put it in the correct location.

Why is the font all messed up?I cant see a thing in it!
Solution:This is the bad side of using piracy in L4d, it messes up your directory files. Go to this link to get the download to clean up this matter.

How to change my current in game name?
Solution:You can use the command "name xx" in your console, where xx is the wanted name.

The game crashes suddenly with a repeated sound?WTH?!
Solution:This means basically your computer does not have enough RAM or Memory. To upgrade it, it might cost some money, but there are always other solutions. Hold onto Ctrl-Alt-Del and check for programs. Cancel out those programs that are not in used and try running again. If it happens again, lower the graphic required to play the game. Lesser graphic=Lesser memory =D

The game crashes without any error exiting my game?ZZZ!
Solution:Open your console and type the following command into it.
-mat_queue_mode 0

Well thats about it for some problems/troubleshooting in L4d, ill add up in this post if there are more.


Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
1/15/2009 09:09:00 PM


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