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Friday, January 9, 2009

Today was a good day for me, i had a new haircut,haha! looks great!=P and yea i got few occurrence of events today!posted down below=P

1st of all, i noticed the rare and selected Toyota Myvi!, its a different driver this time!2nd i would like to say that the bridge that was "supposedly" done by this year got delayed again,hahaha! pics are below on what they are not doing,leaving jams all around the town of klang!1 year still nothing?!dont put up all those mud and soil for fun alright!Cranes are just put up for fun with people talking to each other, something like a chatting place like MSN Messenger for contractors!Yeap yeap, not even a single bar of steel for the bridge! what a waste of time!

Btw the project got delayed another half a year, i dont know when it would be done then, possible by 2020 or not?!Does this looks akward?no it doesnt?zoom closer!

Well if you are lazy to zoom, ill put this pic then, u will understand me then=PUnderstand now?its my old college HELP trying to promote themselves, btw this pic aint taken at Subang! its in Klang...LOLS, They can HELP people thats what it says....

Oh yea, and we headed off to have a delicious treat @ KFC, btw i juz noticed that, KFC burgers are way more cheap if compared to M-(-D!
Presenting the new Zinger Tower,with a lime sauce on the first layer, Zinger Chicken fillet, Salad, and hash brown below!

Its more worth to get it in an X-meal set...
For RM10 you can get this burger, a drink and also a piece of chicken! worth it isnt it?!

M-(-D burger pricing are so overpriced!Curse all those years with M-(-D LOL!

And finally, the Rm35 haircut i had at my stylist!Presenting me! LOL new short haired spiked punk hahaha! i like the new look, but i also miss my hair which got cut!LOL

The wax the stylist recommended was a 10 out of 10! its a Gatsby dry wax and i got it for Rm16 at 7 Eleven! good for spiking purposes!

Well im off to dinner! Hopefully ill blog tomorrow, if not possibly would be the day tomorrow!

*Byes people!*

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
1/09/2009 07:19:00 PM


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