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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, today got stressed out, alot of happenings,1 is that i got paired with an unknown person in my class, stupid lecturer saying that assignment and project partner gotta be different if not will get same mark,idioto! 2nd would be today, sori loong for disturbin u, coz i havent get my student id card, when i asked, the person said, oh ya ur pic not nice la, need take another 1 so u can make a new id...WTF la..waste of time. and bcoz of that, i gotta upload my work online and i cant coz i got no id, so i cant access the web, den my dad, comment on my assignment dis dat until loong feel asleep i guess, i gotta miss call him like a mad person..ZZZ...

Im oso gonna so condemn this car...
looks normal rite..look at the rims then..it shows...Chevrolet...idiotic wira people, got crack dont wanna fix, on the edge, put chevrolet rims and think that his car is such a big deal, well u can go die alright!

This was loong meter today, look at the speed and be suprised, the road isnt that stable as usual, irritates the pleasurable driving!STUPID MS-IA ROAD.

Can be racist but cannot fix the road...WTF LA!Btw i noticed somethin from those reporters showing Ah-Mad, u can see that he is owiz folo-ed by his beikia, like 10 people alwiz support him when he makes a statement, racist statement they clap even louder hor! idioto magnificos! Those people can Sugue Minhas esferas(This is Brazilian for u can suck my 8@1!5, well u get the point) These people shud be jailed for those remarks man!Maybe get hanged till death, since so long it isnt practiced, u can tear summore tear ppl pic, i wanna tear 9 ur pig head la diuz...

ok enough...btw...


Wishing her a happy bday!!=D

U can get more info from here in livon's blog

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
9/11/2008 09:38:00 PM


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