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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yesterday, i went for lunch with my friends..there were like about..15 of us...if im not wrong... as u know...we like last minute deciding...so in the end, me, Jeevan, Boon Thong, Weng Loong and Mavinesh ended up going to Pizza hut..as me and Weng Loong decided to go there on the day b4...the others went to the nearby kopitiam...if im not wrong...on the way there..mavinesh kept urging us to go to eat at the duck rice= =!we still ate at pizza ht after that as we havent had that for very long.we ordered 3 sets of set D if im not wrong. 2 pizzas(personal) and also 2 mushroom soup, 2 pepsi and a garlic bread...i wanted to share the set of a double pizza...but i ended up buying both, thinking that i would not be full after a pizza.. and yes..i was very satisfied with the meal of 2 pizzas, 2 drinks,2 mushroom soup,and also a whole loaf of garlic bread.

My pizza and Jeevan's pizza...
Jeevan wid his...pizza..he had to show off wid the cheesy-ness!!
Weng Loong and my pizza...i got 2 mar..LOL
Boon Thong wid his pizza and also, Mavinesh hand and his pizza...xD

Anyway after we ate..we were talking about the tobasco sauce which was on the table...haha...Boon Thong even challenged me to drink the extremely superb hot sauce..aiks.. i tried a spoon..it was ok..he challenged me to drink the whole bottle...haha... I aint that mad and got a rep haha!!

After that we had ice cream at McD..McFlurry for me and Boon Thong, Sunday for Jeevan and Mavinesh and Flavor top for Weng Loong....After that, we headed back but we didnt go for the business class...lazy lar...haha:P

Today...we went to KFC...a last minute plan again...3 people only...me, Loong, and Boon Thong...haha...Weng Loong ate the half half meltz...and i tried the Rice set...Wow...considering they changed the mashed potato with rice, its kinda worth it as they had the same price, when i compared both of the set... Boon Thong also had the KFC half half meltz...LOL.... They both had USB speakers hahaha...

Tomorrow...possible to be having the Duck rice...i think...the shop...haha....

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/22/2007 08:35:00 PM


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