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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recently my friend, Lawrence had juz met an accident which caused him to wear a cast..U might ask,how did it happened, and Im here to explain...First of all, he was rushing this assignment for other people...So he wanted to pass the assignment to his friends. From his way of view, he told me that if he took a bus to the uni, it would be too slow, so he took his skates and rushed to the uni. On the way there, there was a car. He knew if he didnt avoid it, he would have been banged... So, he tried to evade the car,which caused him to slip and fall...After that, i didnt knew how he get to the hospital and stuff, but i was surely pissed off with his attitude on helping people on assignments as lending a helping hand does not mean to finish the whole assignment for the group...Instead he finishes the whole assignment for them... Law next time...please listen to me...

I went to a dinner last night, a wedding near my place, it was like can be said as a house gathering. An indian wedding basically. With the food,yummy...hehe...but i only took 1 round...hahas...feared to be shy as there were very few people around and its noticeable if a took a second round..hahas...

Anyway hope all the best to Lawrence and also STPM takers!! Tomorrow is STPM and yes...good luck to all those taking it^^

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/18/2007 10:25:00 AM


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