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Friday, November 30, 2007

Finally i completed my business assignment... Well its a whole load of tough work and yes...the class makes me annoyed to my head spins around.. I can tell u that...the lecturer teaching me business is currently a dam FcKiN' B!tCh! Ive got several problems with her..

Firstly it was me and Jeevan reading newspaper in the class.. Yes thats wrong..so its alright...
Secondly it was the playing of cell phones in class...Yep..this is wrong too..
Thirdly it was the turning on of the laptop in class...
-This isn't wrong as i was checking the lecture notes and she wasn't using the projector in front.
-She goes berserk and start saying things like Im the boss of the class...
=>Got scolded for a bad reason
Fourth would be the time i entered class today. I went out to get my assignment stapled. Is this so wrong to get my assignment stapled?
-She goes berserk.scolding me shouting to the class saying that U think ur class ah?! u tink business can go out go in 1 ah?fck...u tink i duno meh...cb...alright..thats forgotten..
Fifth was after when i passed the tutorial to her. ME and jeevan was there. She starts saying that if u answer like this, i would fail la...sarcastically and loudly to the class.. Its a sign aint it? U want me to fail ah u fcking bitch??Stop talking nonsense in class when u teach!!

Bullshit things that she says in class??
1. Mercedes aeroback. Her cousin owns one...yah rite?! Show me the proof then!
2. She was from inti. Gonna change college after teaching this sem coz she wanna continue to study and the college does not recommend it. What bullshit!
3.Many more..dam lazy to write.

It seems that im the anger magnet to her...everytime she sees me or Jeevan, She would scold and go berserk...Wtf...

I hope she changes college soon or dont work or teach another student anymore...she goes around with her damn ego showing it off. Oh yea and did i mention?she studied in Aussie... Yah rite?! If u studied in Aussie u can get a way better job than a lecturer!! Or at least go into a better college than mine!!

Yes she is the BBL v2... for all those than dont know what it means... Its Big Boobs Lady... My UTAR buddies of TD3 knows that. It was our english lecturer of sem 2 if i was not wrong... Well to all those UTAR buddies... I wish i could show u BBL v2 face... but not here though...
Personalities of BBL v2 matches BBL but its just that BBL v2 is more annoying and talks way more crap than BBL...

In lecture... A normal topic...she has to crap from the business factors to how she studied in England and stuff..OMG...next time we should make a damn new show about her.. The BBL v2 And her Runts!! I'm sure it would be a blast...

Crapping is her damn life. It seems that when she comes into class, she would start to jabber and jabber and jabber..It makes Alan goes to sleep and me too...What a damn boring class... She also got her eyes on me... I've got scolded for 5 Times and i Dont FcKing Care alright!! Its even worst than grandma grandpa story...!!


Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
11/30/2007 04:11:00 PM


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