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Friday, September 14, 2007

Today entered a Charade Competition... Unexpectedly my team(Jeevan, Mike, Me and Alan below thr^^) Got no.2 in the whole competition... Well the another team on the right side of the pic was the team we were competing on.. Haha..kinda close match as the point difference wasn't that much...^^ We barely made it to the finals today... We didn't knew that Lady luck was on our site...Gratefully it was great haha^^ We wanted to flunk out but we were on a team spirit on winning the competition in the end...hahas...anyway it was great tat we got 2nd and i would like to thank all my friends for the Victory^^

Anyway..just briefly, the 1st match was charades...(no talking, just sign languages...) we got 2 points on the 1st round... (Thx to alan's acting...he was the best actor here...haha), 2nd round we got 2 points...it was a win, lose or draw competition(draw, no talking and also sign languages..).. The last round was the hardest... It was a charade too but the categories were all mixed up... I got a super tough phrase... 50 years of Nationhood- I am proud...How would u describe nationhood?LOL the 1st round i had Ubi Kayu... The japanese something... I was like making the act of farting...LOL but sadly my teammates guessed wrong.. Alan had the best phrase and had a good act...He had Moon cake...1 of chinese delicacies... and also another 1... He was I could say the best actor overall... Salute^^He also had a joke with the CEO...haha...it was basically becoz they kept the 3rd prize and Alan wanted the Third prize too..LOL

Final thanks to Mr Chandran and accounting frenz...Yes that includes all my other accounting buddies too^^

Got 2 more Assignments to go...(accounting and also computer system)

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
9/14/2007 10:23:00 PM


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