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Friday, August 24, 2007

This week was.. how could I say?! Disastrous yet fun...lol...few event cheered up the week and go it running on and on...

IT started when i spotted this car which was badly damaged and it was still moving...got 2 pics of it... This will remind me of Weng Loong...He seems to wanna destroy his Proton wira and buying a new car...haha..anyway let me stop talking and show u d pics ^^

This may not look that bad but...

It gets worst!!=P

After seeing the car which had such a 'GOOD' condition, i made my way to my college... but with a surprise they had the human foosball challenge and it was great...got some pics of it too=P

A team VSing another team..As u can see the guy in red on the right side of the pic is trying to kick the ball...haha^^

This 1 is abit blur but from the same game...

A pic from another game and yes...girls do play this too and they ROCK in it...Not kidding!

Anyway, was walking to the mamak stall that day and saw this great racing car... The Subaru Racing edition...took onli 1 pic coz the owner was there...LOL=P

Aint this car just great?^^

This week ended when we had an accounting exam and well..the result weren't that good and all but we had a pretty funny incident happening on the very same day regarding the exam!!

See how nice the score is?13,14,15 and 16!! what a coincidence!! haha!! Anyway the paper owners from left to right:Chai Cheong(Alan), Me, Sze Guan(Mike) and Loke Jean(Jean..XD).. This marks was outta 30 and well...it was ok..haha... Ejin got a 25 outta 30 and she wasn't that pleased... Cmon girl cheer up!! its good enough^^

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
8/24/2007 08:32:00 PM


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