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Monday, July 2, 2007

Today was orientation and it was great but tiring...Well got to knew a new friend as always and he like to play ball and maple LOL...Anyway let me stop jabbering and lemme introduce my new colls to u^^

Me b4 going uni LOL

Man I Look smart..xD Once a while lor..=P

My lunch when it ended...The nasi there was madness The owner will tell you..Ambil banyak banyak...Rm 3.50 sahaja...LOL where can get this type of service in PJ..xD

The Colls Admin office..LOL way bigger than UTAR's..xD

This is the corridor when u enter...OMG damn big..xD

The payment counters...I saw this and I was like y utar 1 so small?=_=

The Library... 2 tingkat one leh!!

The corridor to comp lab...Everywhere oso corridor=.=

The comps...Like UTAR 1 but got way more...Got like 100++ comps for surfing nia.. LOL and also if u watch closely the front and back of it ain't mirrors...Its another comp lab and they have just four for surfing!!

A PART of the library... This is the hot spot books part...

Lockers beyond the eye can see...Way more than UTAR..LOL

They even have their own book store... And harry potter is available..LOL

Got CEO office.. President office.. LOL

Own reception oso got...Siao siao big place...xD

They even have a big place for nothing... zzz... Big space 4 fun LOL

Another corridor...Left side is exam hall...Right side is teacher's room!!

Even their sign board damn big...haha..xD

Anyway hope tat i will enjoy here...haha...
I also had to do a dance today...zzz... So memalukan=.= I think the stunt coordinator took me dancing=.=

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
7/02/2007 08:11:00 PM


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