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Monday, June 18, 2007

Today,went to UTAR to get the result slip...It was bad...haha...trust me..xD Anyway,learn from my mistakes yah?!^^Met Law and Yi Gang...haha...they were still great yah...xD!! After that I went to my cousin's hse and we had some food...he was gonna go back to NZ about in three weeks time so we went out for a game...hehe...Played abit of battlefield 2 and some Dota too...After that we had some fish ball noodle, and i was on my way to SIT College,and you know what?I was about to go there for some exemptions i presume...but you know what the head of department recomended?(his rank is like Mr Wesley for all of you guys from UTAR)1st he looked at all of my results....Hmm...Hmm... After few Hmm's, he firstly said I had to take few subs for 2 sems-which was 4 outta 5 of all the subs!! I was like what the fook wth~~ the after that,he recommended me to take the whole foundation without few subs,which was only my english... LoL?! Something weird too...Their foundation had Bio,my crappiest lousiest sub...And also,he wanted me to retake chem and physics...and it will take a year... After that, he said, I could go to a degree or other courses if i wasn't sure which would take another 3 years...4 years man!!! So I decided to take a diploma,(which would take 2 and a half year) and get the degree(another 1 year)...Why would I waste half a year on something I would not use? LOL~~

On the way to SIT...I spotted a yellow Ferrari...The pic aint that clear, but don't complain...LoL...It aint easy to catch a speeding Ferrari!!!

Nice car...My mum car was like on 100...and this dude was speeding like mad...LoL!!
Oh yea...and if you think it aint a Ferrari, think of a Malaysian made car or any other car which is yellow...LoL

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
6/18/2007 06:10:00 PM


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