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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Didn't wrote yesterday coz got the driving test today... Was studying the 500 question book... Hehe...Kinda boring but I had to do it... Started at around 9:30pm yesterday and ended around 12 sumthing...(wasn't looking at the watch properly...)

Me and my bro went to the center around 8:20 and we did a short test there to feel the experience(this wasn't the real test as we had to take the real test at the main center->which I though was at Banting...) So, when I went there, I was surprised as I ended up meeting 1 of my old friend from school there,Venki. He was a year younger than me and we were gonna take the exam together... We went to the main center,(which was near Meru) and arrived there around 9...There were alot of old people there...(I mean as in way older than me... some of them were like 40++=.=) So, firstly we went to take a digital picture,(which costs me a sum of RM10...I was like what the fook heck?! 10 bucks just to get a picture in a digital cam...) then after that they would call our name to get into the exam hall...(I wouldn't say hall as it was only loaded with 16 computers, and some of those comps had the monitor removed=.=) So we waited and waited... Venki didn't get to take the exam as he went for the lecture last Sat...We went into the room around 12, if i'm not mistaken... A 3 hours wait...OMG... As u know, Malaysia Boleh...(I totally don't agree wid this slogan unless u put something bad after the boleh...Like boleh belah~~) the counter was so damn freaking slow...

I was nervous yet excited when my name was called...the exam was grueling and I saw some of the people...(mostly malays were having a hard time...It's obvious...Aint it?!)were copying... Guess they didn't read the rules outside...The rules were in malay...Lemme transfer it to English though...

1.Copying in the exam hall would get you expelled and you cannot sit for this exam for (i think) 1 year and the person in charge can end your exam anytime he wants.

2.This offense would be notified to the JPJ.

Guess they were too busy copying to notice that!!LOL...
Anyway the dude sitting on the right seat beside me was peeping around...Including mine...=.= After a while, I noticed the person in charge caught him and his exam was ended immediately... LOL~~ Serves you right for copying me u stupid idiotic (dang...I cant find a word to describe...=.=) "toot" malay...wahahahahhaa=p

I took a bus back to my house after that becoz my mum was buying groceries... Had curry laksa for lunch and it was great=p

Oh yea...And the score for the exam for me was 47/50...(3 persons from my driving school got it too(including my bro and me);1 guy had 42/50...Lucky Lucky!! as 42 was the passing mark...) I was considered lucky as I wasn't sure of 10 questions...Eventually I got 3 wrongs... 1 in Section A and 2 in Section C^^

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
6/20/2007 04:10:00 PM


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