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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I was reading today's newspaper and the 1st page had shocked me already...If u read The Star...The column would be on the top left of ur newspaper...Others newspaper im not so sure about it...

Could u say LOL?999 for all emergencies?I got a special conversation for the government!!

Imagine this...

There is a fire burning a place down and an adult dials the 999

Answering Machine:Hello...And welcome to the 999 emergency hotline...For English please press one...Untuk Bahasa Melayu tekan dua.(and so on...)
Adult :(Press two and curses the government) Eh..Sekarang ada kecemasan masih mau tekan satu dua ka?!!
Answering Machine:Untuk polis sila tekan satu...Untuk bomba sila tekan dua...
Adult :Alamak...Cepat sikit lah!!!(Press two)
Answering Machine:Sila tunggu dan kita akan sambungkan anda kepada pihak bomba...(Play some soft music~~)
Adult :Kalau dah pangil habis pasti rumah tu dah terbakar dah...Takpe lah...
(Hangs up the phone)
Fire Dept :Hello??Alamak...dia dah letak telefon...

This is one of the situation that will happen...another one would be that once you reached the police,you would have been dead for god sake!!!A stupid move, my government!!!(eh..not mine...i mean the goverment...hehe=P)

Another article would be in the concern citizen section...this is what that so called ADULT wrote...
It is like this so called "CONCERNED" citizen owns the public parks...Cmon lor...Its a public place and people can park wherever they want...If u wanna wrote about this lame thing...Keep it to yourself...If cannot park at public want to park at where ar?Park at your house is it? Stupid guy...

Anyway I went to the gym with my mum today and i exercised for 1 hour(actually 50 minutes oni...round it up..xD)Kinda tiring and I hope all of this exercising would pay up yah...xD

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
6/12/2007 08:12:00 PM


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