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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mosquitoes...The first thing that a person would normally think when this word pops out from someone's mouth is that...Those thing tat suck take blood from human... And some jokers would say...eh..tat ain't mosquitoes, it's vampires... Well...Im talking bout mosquitoes now alright?=.=

Man i hate eu....=.=

This things got me up at 3.05 this morning and as a result, i woke up so late because i stay up late to try to tire myself...I went to sleep around 5.05 if I'm not wrong...Woke up late today...around 10.25...

Well..The worst case was when I had like more than 10 mosquitoes in my room...Me and my bro woke up to kill them...zzz...There were blood on the floor(Blood shed!!XD)...and one thing that still makes me wonder is that...when mosquitoes bite and suck take people blood...Well, why does it itches?(some people say that they replace the saliva with ur blood and the more dirty a mosquito is, it itches even worst...;others say the female only bites,planting eggs into our leg...yuck=.=)
If taking blood from an injection would be pain, shouldn't it hurt too? But thanks to all of these theories, we don't have to suffer every time we get out blood taken out from our body...lol..

In my schooling days, when I'm bored, I would normally take the mosquito and pluck off its legs..haha...(I'm cruel..XD) if that doesn't makes me happy, I would like take them by their wings and put them behind a stand fan... And.... Bzzzzzzzzzz The whole mosquitoes goes from an organism to less than an unicell...hehe... The high pitch sound comes from the wings so if it makes you feel better...U can pluck them out...LoL...

And yea...for those jokers with dracula...Here u go!!

Hmm...1 more thing....Don't u think Dracula are perverts?As they always hit the opposite gender...Its still a mystery...(end it with an evil laugh...)HuahahaUahahaa!!Cough cough...oops...xD

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
6/23/2007 12:00:00 PM


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