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Monday, June 25, 2007

Yesterday I had lunch with my cousin(studies at nz) and few of my relatives... We had seafood and the total amount of the receipt was like RM400++...LOL..Ouch to my parents wallet... Well we ate at this restaurant...

Yong Tat Restaurant for seafood lovers=P

Well.. The 1st dish was a chicken soup with scallop and also chicken of course..XD The other dishes were like sweet and sour crab, mantis prawn(which cost like RM20 each...We had 3),sweet potato leaf(known as the kang kong in Malaysia), Sun Hong steamed fish(something like Salmon just tat its less expensive but yet expensive), Salted chicken(yea...bird flu...The heck with it...XD),And fried lala bihun(its like the small cockles in the bee hoon)

After that, me, my bro, and my cousin was bored... so we did what we always do... Try to combine drinks to form a new 1 and we got this...

Beer Ala Spicy Tomato Crab drink...wakakakaka..xD

The ingredients?Here eu go=P

Guinness Stout,Tiger beer,Crab Sweet and Sour Sauce,Tea,Chillies...LOL..XD

Well...After that we got bored and we noticed a small hut...Just near the restaurant... They were selling fish..LOL

It ain't Pizza hut!!It's Fish And Hut!!xD

Anyway,I took dis last pic when going out from the restaurant...

Yong Tat restaurant!! expensive and great!!

Well, after the lunch my relatives came to my house and had a little chat...While me,my bro and my cousin were playin dota...hehe...

Didn't wrote dis last night becoz of two factors...

1.Dad was back from club...(And if he saw me doing this he would screw me...LoL)

2.Supernatural was on TV3...Last ep's already..cant miss it!!!

Posted by ♥Hiyakaru/CoLdANg3L
6/25/2007 10:41:00 AM


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